Intro to Acting : Gr. 3-5

Intro to Acting : Gr. 3-5


Grades 3-5

A perfect training ground for the young actor!

Basics of improvisation, character development and scene study will be explored as well as developing stage performance technique focusing on volume, diction and body language.  All these skills can be transferred to real life!

Instructor Information: Cathy Stapleton began a career in theater in New York city at the age of seven! Cathy studied acting and directing at Catholic University on the undergraduate and graduate levels. She moved to Charlottesville in 1989 to raise her family and started teaching theater at CHS. She has directed over 200 productions and can’t even count how many students have walked through her doors! 

Cathy is well known for her ability to put people at ease, her use of humor in the classroom and the importance of creating a safe environment in which to create. The self-proclaimed introvert she is highly sensitive to those who struggle with shyness. Cathy is passionate about revisiting the art of face to face communication and uses theater as a tool to teach these important life skills.

Dates : This 4 week class begins on Sunday, October 6 and the last session is on Sunday, October 27

Time: 2 pm

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