Observational Drawing - Open Studio

Observational Drawing - Open Studio


Join us on any or all Mondays in November as we open up Victory Hall for Observational Drawing.

In observational drawing, an image is made from things actually seen, rather than from imagination or from a photograph. Realistic representations aren’t necessarily the goal, but can be a result. More importantly, there is an unfiltered connection between what is being observed in three dimensions and what is represented in two dimensions.

A SCAN host will set up a still-life arrangement, give minimal guidance, perform demonstrations if requested and allow you the space to practice the discipline of observation.

Materials to Bring: Bring your own paper and drawing supplies, even watercolor or acrylic paints (no oils or solvents, please).

All ages are welcome to attend.

Session: Mondays in November from 4-6 PM

Cost : $5 per session (2 hours of studio time),

Please reserve your spot as space is limited.

Weeks 1-4:
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