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In 2004, Robert K. “Bobby” Spencer donated thirteen acres to SCAN. 


Bobby’s parents had purchased the property on Hardware Road, which he referred to as Sunnyside Farm, as a place to grow vegetables and raise pigs and cattle. He stipulated that the parcel be kept as close to its natural appearance as possible. With this request came the nature element of the project. An indigenous nature park with walking trails, demonstration gardens and environmental studies became a part of our master plan. 

In the coming months, actions on the property will be the removal of the fence, demolition of the barn, and maintenance plans put in place for the overall property--especially the pond and wooded area.

 As part of our environmental mission, SCAN supports the establishment of walking trails throughout Scottsville. We will be developing trails on the Center's Hardware Street property as part of this initiative. These trails will be open to the public, and we hope to connect the Hardware Road area of Scottsville to downtown via the Van Clief Nature Area's Mink Creek Trail.

One of our environmental initiatives is to have a community beehive on the Hardware Street property. Heather and Jennifer of the Scottsville Supply Company have donated two beehives. We are off to a good start!

 A Few Photos of the Property by Robert Llewellyn: